A Guide to your New Outdoor Entertaining Area for the New Year - Part 2

Welcome to part two in our series on outdoor living. If you read part one I focused on the cooking portion your outdoor space. In this post I will discuss other important elements to consider.


Now that you have your outdoor kitchen picked out it's time to think about your outdoor furniture. Of course you will need a dining table and chairs to eat at as well as a lounging area and maybe some high top chairs for your bar area. Here are some companies that offer what you need.

The first company, Jardin de Ville (https://www.jardindeville.com), has been around for more than half a century. They specialize in high end residential and retail outdoor furniture. The clean look of the furniture they offer is easily adapted to whatever style you have. Whether you are looking for a clean modern look or prefer a more casual look, the products they offer can be adapted to suit your decor. I especially like their Grande Arche and Milano Dining Tables as well as their pavilions. They also have some very nice accessories such as grilling stations, lamps, planters and shelving.

If your style is more casual, maybe a company that specializes in teak furniture is more appealing to you. Westminster Teak (https://www.westminsterteak.com/) is a top rated company that offers a full line of wonderfully crafted furniture. They also offer some weatherproof wicker lines that are very beautiful. Their furniture is also eco-friendly because they source teak wood only from government managed, credibly certified forests. Some of their lines worth noting are the Aman Dais, which is a lounge collection that features oversized seating just begging for an afternoon nap and the Maya collection that adds some beautiful architecture to its seating.


After you have picked out all of your furniture, it's time to think about those cool (or cold if you live in the north) winters. Even down here in sunny Florida it can get a little cool in the evenings and what better way to relax under the stars than around a nice warm fire. There are two ways that this can be accomplished, either with a fire pit or a fireplace. Both can be either wood burning, natural gas or propane.

Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes from stone to metal. Some are simple bowls where you can put logs in and are moveable while others are stationary with fire rings and glass. Personal preference and the style of your outdoor area will dictate your choice.

Fireplaces are the next step up from a fire pit only because you need more room to work this into your design. They are stunning focal points for any outdoor area and work best when you have a large enough outdoor area to create a separate "living room". Where as a fire pit can be placed in the center of a seating area, a fireplace is a feature that is the focal point of the outdoor room. Features such as seating and wood storage can be incorporated into a fireplace area.


No outdoor area would be complete without some music and/or a tv to watch some sports (or "the housewives") on. The type of equipment you choose will depend on the amount of weather it will be exposed to. If you have an outdoor area where the equipment will be exposed to mother nature then you will want to choose manufacturers that accommodate the elements. If you have an area that is completely covered and out of the elements then you might be able to get away with purchasing the same equipment that you have in your home. However, although indoor equipment can be used outdoors, humidity, glare and, if you are near the ocean, salt will play a factor in how long the equipment lasts. It is always recommended that you use dedicated outdoor equipment. Some quality outdoor company listings can be found at CEPro (https://www.cepro.com/topic/category/outdoor_av) as well as through the links below.

Terra Speakers

CSEED Outdoor AV


As with any other room in your home, your outdoor room has many components that need to work together so that it is not only functional but also fits your lifestyle. It should be a place that is an extension of your indoor space and a place that you can create life long memories in.

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