Two Top Rated Kitchen Appliance Companies that put Technology First

The kitchen has long been the most popular room in the house so it makes sense that appliance manufacturers have put a lot of effort into not only designing a beautiful product but also one that has technology in mind. Two manufacturers that are leading the way are LG and Samsung. Both of these manufacturers have made the connected kitchen a priority when designing for the future. Let's look at each of these manufacturers and what they offer.


LG offers a wide range of features on their smart kitchen line of appliances. Utilizing their SmartThinQ app for your smartphone, you can manage your kitchen even when you aren't there. The app works with Google Assistant and can be used by Android and iOS devices.

LG offers a standard line and a signature line of appliances. Let's take a look at what they offer for the top three appliances...the refrigerator, dishwasher and range.


The standard line features a 28 cubic foot three door refrigerator and is a J.D. Power award winner for customer satisfaction. The door in door feature allows you to have easy access to beverages and snacks. It uses two freshness systems, a door cooling system and a fresh air filter with it's own dedicated fan. A great feature that it has is the integrated water and ice dispenser that is large enough to fill a pitcher. There are multiple bins and adjustable shelves as well as multiple sensors to help keep you food organized and fresh.

The multiple award winning signature line refrigerator is a four door model and comes with a full size window on the door-in-door side. The light is activated with two quick knocks on the glass panel so that you can see into the quick access door. One of the other great features is the auto open door. A "door open" light is illuminated on the floor and you just "step" on the light and the door gently opens. Of course it has multiple cooling zones that can be customized and also includes a FRESHSheild Cooling feature that pushes air down from top vents when you open the door to create a cold barrier.


The top control standard line dishwasher with QuadWash is a J.D. Power award winner for customer satisfaction. This dishwasher uses a direct drive system to keep it quite...something that is very important, especially for smaller homes. The QuadWash feature uses four wash arms instead of two and multimotion arms that rotate back and forth as it washes. It has multiple options and wash cycles and adjustable racks to make sure everything comes out clean.

The signature line offers the same great features as the standard line and also includes many additional features. The first of which is a three drawer system. This allows you to wash everything from the tiniest tupperware container to the biggest Thanksgiving platter. This dishwasher also features a dual zone washing system which sprays at different intensities at different levels.


The SmartThinQ range is the only range in their standard or signature line. it is an induction range that offers LG's ProBake Convection and EasyClean systems. It is a 6.3 cubic foot range which allows it to handle all sizes of meals, even a 20+ pound turkey. The convection system heats food up to 20% faster and is kid safe because the cooktop does not get hot to the touch. The EasyClean system cleans the oven in minutes, not hours.


Samsung is the other top rated company that is putting an emphasis on appliance technology with Connect Home. Samsung has long been a leading technology company so it only makes sense that they bring their connected technology to the kitchen. Unlike LG, Samsung has whole house technology that can be integrated together utilizing their Samsung Connect Home. With their integration you can connect the virtual kitchen to many more things throughout your home. Samsung also offers more appliances that can be connected. Let's look at what they offer.


The Samsung refrigerator is a 22 cubic foot, four door refrigerator that also has their Family Hub built into the door. Family Hub is built in technology where you can leave notes, check the weather and news, display photos and more. You can also view inside, make shopping lists, stream music and mirror your tv. One other feature that the Samsung refrigerator has is a flex zone where you can convert a zone it to be either a freezer or refrigerator depending on your needs at that time.


The Samsung top control dishwasher offers a third row Flextray for cutlery and large utensils. It also comes with a zone booster that washers the dirtiest of dishes. Like the LG dishwasher, it is very quiet during operation. Another great feature is the auto release door that opens the door at the end of the wash cycle to allow fresh air in. This helps circulate the air to dry the dishes faster.


The 5.8 cubic foot Flex Duo range has the unique feature of having two doors in the main oven door. This, as well as a removable divider in the oven itself allows you to cook at two different temperatures at once. When the divider is not inserted, the oven acts as one unit. This range also has a powerful convection fan for even cooking, a lit display that offers numerous settings and a soft close door.


The Samsung connected wall oven comes in either a microwave/wall oven combination or two wall ovens. Just like the range, the wall oven comes with a powerful convection fan and the Flex Duo system. An additional feature of the oven is a steam setting to bake or roast food. This process helps keep the food moist.


If you decide that the wall oven is the way to go then you will need to get a cooktop and Samsung has some great connected ones. One of the best is their induction cooktop. The cooktop offers a unique Flex Zone area where you can cook with large, small and unusual shaped pans. It also offers three other heating areas in large, medium and small. They also have regular electric and gas cooktops in their virtual kitchen collection.


Last but no least in the virtual kitchen collection is the hood. This hood comes in either 30" or 36". Along with in's connectivity, other features include a light, three fan speeds and a timer.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into what is available for a connected kitchen. If this has left you with more questions than answers, please contact us and we can discuss your needs in further detail.

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