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Add Some Out of Sight Tech to your Kitchen

December 29, 2017

If you are planning a new kitchen, a kitchen remodel or would like to add some tech to your existing kitchen, here are some nice ways to keep the clutter of your devices and their cords off your surfaces and out of sight. The products below do this by allowing you to hide devices in drawers to be charged, allow you to store your device in a cradle to get it off the counter and give you the ability to hide power when not in use.


The first such product is from Docking Drawer's (www.dockingdrawer.com). This company carries two different lines for different charging solutions. The Blade and Slim Series powers hair dryers, printers, small kitchen appliances, etc. The Blade Series can also be used to charge cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, etc. The image below shows one of their USB charging outlets. 


Each of their products are meant to be fitted into existing drawers. Their website has a lot of technical information as well as photos of existing installations.



The next product is from Legrand (www.legrand.us) and is an under the cabinet power and lighting system. This system can be customized to the space under the cabinets allowing you to mix and match LED lighting, power outlets, tablet and smart phone docking and cables for charging. Below is a photo of showing a system which includes power, lighting and docking cradles.

Because it is a modular system, it allows for great flexibility and because it is mounted under your upper cabinets, it keeps your devices and their cords out of the way.



The last product I wanted to talk about is from Doug Mockett & Co. (www.mockett.com). This company offers, among other things, is pop-up power for your kitchen. The pop-up devices come in different configurations which offer power or power with Cat 6 communication ports. The towers are specifically designed for kitchens, baths, labs or any other area where spills can occur. They come in multiple colors and sizes.

 Above is a photo of one of their pop-up towers showing both power and communications.



Let us know what you think about these products and let us know if there are is any other kitchen, bath or entertainment area tech you want to know more about. You can email us at info@insideoutkb.com. Also, check us out on our website or on one of our social media sites.


Thanks for reading! Inside Out Kitchen and Bath is located in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida. Contact us if you would like more information on our services. You can SUBSCRIBE  on our main blog page if you would like to be added to our list. We will send you our blog when released and make sure you get other information we share.



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